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Festival of Lights runs rain or shine each Fri, Sat, and Sun through Dec 19.
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Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, 47 acres of botanical bliss fronting the Pacific Ocean

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    Laccaria amethysteo occidentalis

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    Agaricus agustus

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    Boletus edulis ~ Please leave the mushrooms be for all to see!

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    Lactarius sp.

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    Amanita muscaria

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    Marasmius plicatulus

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    Scutellinia scutellata

Wild Mushrooms

Typical growth time: November through January

In addition to the Gardens' many plant collections, each fall we enjoy an interesting natural phenomena: a wide variety of wild mushrooms appear throughout our grounds. Mushrooms are the fruiting bodies, or reproductive structures, of some types of fungi. Throughout the season, we offer mushroom talks and walks by local experts, and interpretive signs are posted where mushrooms appear. Come visit the Gardens to learn about the 160-plus species of mushrooms to be found right here on our grounds. Please do not pick or collect... mushrooms found at Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens should stay at Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens!

Plant List: MCBG Mushroom Species List

iNaturalist Doumented: Mushrooms of MCBG

MCBG Plant Bed Map

Gallery of Wild Mushrooms found at MCBG

TAKE PHOTOS NOT FUNGI! Please remember, mushrooms found at Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens should stay at Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens... DO NOT PICK OR COLLECT from our botanical collection!

WANT TO LEARN MORE? Each November and December we host a number of Mushroom Walks and Mushroom Workshops!

MykoWeb is a resource for mushrooms and mycology with a California focus.

Every year, the Mendocino Coast hosts a Mushroom, Wine & Beer Festival. Information can be found at