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GUIDED WALKS THIS SATURDAY! Join us on May 18 for Spring Field Day featuring an array of guided walks, tutorials on how to use iNaturalist, and info tables featuring our leading local ecological organizations. Learn more and register for walks...


Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, 47 acres of botanical bliss fronting the Pacific Ocean

D. A. Santos and Associates, LLC

When faced with a nursing home stay, it is crucial that you are completely informed of all the pertinent facts so that you do not become impoverished paying the nursing home for your cost of care. Too many people lose too much money needlessly because their decisions were based on half truths, rumors, myths and just not knowing what options are available to them. Medi-Cal is the largest source of government funding for nursing home care, due in part because Medicare covers very few nursing home costs. D. A. Santos and Associates can dispel the myths and serve as your beacon to help you successfully navigate your way through the Medi-Cal maze.

P.O. Box 6109
Napa, CA 94581
Phone: (707)254-7276
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Fax: (707)987-7305