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The Gardens, gift shop, and nursery are open daily from 9AM to 4PM. If you have trouble connecting, please check our website, Facebook, or Instagram for information. You can also email


Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, 47 acres of botanical bliss fronting the Pacific Ocean

Acupressure for Sensitive People

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Acupressure can help with almost any kind of pain, stress, headaches - both migraines and tension,  sleep improvement, increasing energy - even with chronic fatigue, immune function building, easing aching muscles, sore joints, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome and many other health conditions.   

I provide a sanctuary and work as a healing facilitator to help my clients naturally come back into balance in body, mind and spirit.  In this culture of having too much to do with too little resource I help people thrive.   My techniques are practical, simple, pain-free and realistic. I'm a self-employed working mom who spent 25 years as a technology consultant in the corporate and nonprofit/government arenas before changing careers to acupressure, so I understand and can help you manage the stresses of 21st century American life.   
Please contact me if you have any questions so I can help you to create joy and wellness in your life ...

Phone: (510) 843-0465