Bloom Blast! August 18, 2010

Heaths and Heathers and Daboecias, oh my!

Photo: Santa Cruz artist Ann Elizabeth Thiermann at work in the Heath and Heather Garden.


Heath (genus Erica), Heather (genus Calluna), and Daboecia are beautiful, undemanding plants that only require full sun, yet cool soil, and perfect drainage. Our mild maritime climate and sady, acidic soils create an ideal environment for them. 


Broad differences in size and form, in addition to the wide variety of colors, allow exquisite arrangements of heathers and heaths in even small gardens. Flower colors include pink, lavender, white, magenta, amethyst, mauve, purple, and red, complimented with foliage colors of copper, pink, gold, silvery gray and almost infinite shades of green.


Stop on in to the Gardens to see these beautiful plants in bloom, or learn more about growing and caring for heaths and heathers by visiting our Heath and Heather Garden online.



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Bags Needed!

The Gardens Store is in need of used plastic bags for packaging plants. If you have clean, used shopping bags (from grocery or small stores) that you'd like to find a new home for, please bring them by the Gardens Store. Thank you!


See you at the Gardens!