Mo’s gold, golden guinea everlasting

Helichyrsum argyrophyllum

Late autumn approaches, glorious sun and warm temperatures are keeping spirits up, but cold evening temperatures jog us back to reality.


Down the steps into the Perennial Garden, past the weeping purple beech, holding its leaves against the first cold rain, I am struck by the bright golden glow from hundreds of flowers that rest against the silver foliage of Helichrysum argyrophyllum.


It creeps around rocks, and hugs the ground in its native South Africa where it’s seen hanging from cliffs, needing little water. It comes from the Eastern Cape region which receives summer water, but it’s been planted successfully in the Western Cape fynbos where summer drought persists.


Similarly the Perennial Garden is watered regularly, imitating its native habitat and in the Mediterranean Garden it romps around the silk tassel tree with very little water, shining its canary yellow faces to the sun. Mo’s gold proves to be my favorite of the everlastings.


Starting Mo’s gold has proven to be difficult, but once established, it’s off and growing in a sunny position in well drained soil. Cascading out of pots, scrambling over a rock wall, covering large areas of sandy soil, Helichrysum argyrophyllum will bring years of pleasure and a treasured reminder of our beautiful Indian summers.


Submitted by Staff Gardener, Lily Ricardi

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